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Vision 2030

The Kingdom’s “Vision 2030” comprises 96 strategic objectives, governed by a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), that will be achieved through a number of initiatives codeveloped and executed by different governmental entities alongside private and non-profit organizations within the respective ecosystems. The Council of Economic and Development Affairs has set up an effective and integrated governance model with the aim of translating “Vision 2030” into multiple VRPs working in parallel to achieve the strategic objectives & realize the vision.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is seeking to launch several health initiatives related to the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020 and the Saudi Vision 2030, which come as part of its series of initiatives (totaling more than 40). It has become necessary for us to introduce a new health system that fully accommodates our current and future needs, and to be based on non-traditional methods in terms of financing, managing, evaluating and developing it. 

Therefore, the most important components of the health transformation are the institutionalization of this system, as well as redrafting the method of finance, so as to be independent and flexible depending on payment against service not on the budget system, in an endeavor to increase the effectiveness of the exerted efforts and finance. The establishment of this system must be compatible with the current data, meanwhile prospecting for the future data, to come up with a healthy system that meets all our needs for years to come and maintains the health and safety of everyone.

In MARES Medical, we know for sure that the main driver of any healthcare system is the human capital working in this vital and important sector. Therefore, MARES Medical was established by a team that specializes in healthcare recruitment and provide advice on how to manage and develop this crucial component for the success of any healthcare facility.