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Health practitioner

If you are a physician or a dentist, trained in/outside Saudi Arabia, a fresh graduate or with experience, looking for a new job opportunity in the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia or you want to be aware of the available jobs out there (Full-time/ Part-time/ Locum) than all that you need to do is to register at MARES Medical website and upload your CV.

After you register yourself in MARES Medical, you will receive an e-mail to confirm the registration process, and you will be able to access your home page in MARES website and view the different job offers available (Full-time/ Part-time/ Locum). You will also be able to edit your personal information, adjust your desired work preferences, and if you have any inquiry, our medical recruitment consultants will be more than happy to assist you.

Register on MARES Medical and take advantage of all these benefits now!

The search for another career opportunity in the healthcare market is not an easy task. Usually, to do that you have to make a tremendous amount of effort looking for these opportunities in person by driving around and meeting people and/or getting the help of friends. That takes a significant amount of time in exchange for limited options while falling into the dilemma of negotiating with healthcare facilities. In MARES Medical, we aim to be your first choice in meeting your career aspirations.

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