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MARES Medical is a strategic partner for the success of your healthcare organization in light of the challenges and high competition in the healthcare market.

As an expert in providing healthcare workforce management advisory and physicians recruitment, MARES services aim for efficiency by achieving your goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. while we offer the flexibility in contracting, we make sure to provide doctors who are licensed to work in the private sector, according to the regulations governing the work of healthcare practitioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When you register your healthcare facility at MARES Medical website and apply for the available services, our team will contact you to know the full details of your application then develop the appropriate plan to achieve that goal as soon as possible.

With your healthcare facility account in MARES Medical, you can follow up on your requests, modify your healthcare organization information, see the details of doctors who are candidates for employment in your facility and many more benefits, all in one place!

Our Clients

  • Hospitals
  • Polyclinic
  • Private Practices
  • Dental Clinic
  • Insurance Companies
  • Home Care
  • Academic

Hiring Physician

  • Physician Profile
  • Licensed + Insured
  • Verified Documents
  • Experienced
  • Psychometric Test

Hire the Right Physician

  • Best Doctors in the industry
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Measurable Efficiency
  • Avoid empty clinics
  • Fast Results

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